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Artist -Sonal Tiwari : Basic of painting : Talented artist will inspire your creativity : Pink Talk

PInk Talk !

I am Sonal Tiwari from Noida.

I am a Certified ARTIST , you-tuber and the founder of Sonal's Canvas.

I am also a Pidilite Expert teacher and Instructor .

I attended multiple workshops and exhibitions where I received a lot of appreciation.Then I started taking online classes and I teach more than 3000 students all over the world .Now I teach 20 types of art-forms which includes Acrylic painting ,oil painting, texture work, knife paintings, murals, nameplate making, miniatures,resin art, sculptures, Tanjore painting and many more.

I use my art as a therapy for depressed and old age people . My biggest painting till date is 250 sq feet which we did it in a day.

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