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Dreams are the fuel that keeps energizing us to go further. I have a dream of making women's health better by making them aware about their menstrual hygiene.

When I was ten years old, I saw one of our housemaids getting a lesson on menstrual hygiene from my mother. We always had helpers from remote areas where these girls don’t have any knowledge about proper menstrual hygiene. This girl in particular used dirty clothes during her periods which shere-used by washing in running water. My mother stopped her from doing so and provided her with sanitary napkins. We always purchase napkins for them in our monthly ration till date.

I was elated to see the reaction of these young girls on being treated as human beings. Treating them well and teaching them about a very basic human need took a deep seating in my soul. I always have this yearning of helping thousands of poor girls not being subjected to their fundamental right of being treated as humans. In the recent times, sensitization about this important matter, yet neglected arena of a woman’s well being has increased. Women are slowly coming out of the shackles of an unjust male dominated society. Movies like Padman have done a wonderful job in sensitizing people about this physiological process of a women’s body and its requirements.

I came across Pinkishe organisation during one of their pad collection camps at my mother’s hospital and found an immediate connect with this organization .I knew I have found the right path to fulfil my dream of helping poor girls and adults and teaching them a dignified way to live. Pinkishe is doing a wonderful job across India helping thousands of poor women live a life of solemnity.





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