A woman is never at ease! Balancing between work, kids, love, family, society and herself…a woman is constantly on her heels. There are no holidays for her. She is on a 24*7 job. Even on family vacations, she is never free. She is constantly worried about the packing,diapers, food, dress changes, medicines & 'kuch reh to nahi gaya hai'? And after all that, one can very easily quirk -

"din bhar karti kya ho"?

Therefore, an 'all-women' or 'women-only' travel can be an amazingly liberating experience for any woman. On these trips, a woman can go absolutely foot-loose and fancy free, being responsible to none but herself! She is free to do whatever her heart catches a fancy for and the buzz she gets from the sense of freedom is immense.

PinkWing is yet another 'not-for-profit' endeavour. Managed by a bunch of 'travel crazy gals', women select their own destinations, chalk out their plans themselves, be responsible to none but for themselves, pool-in money and go out and have fun and come back with awesome memories and bonds that last lifelong! These are the trips where honestly journey matters more than the destinations.

They get Happy on these travels! And their happiness is IMPORTANT! MOST IMPORTANT!.