“Let me do the talking” is what a woman usually hears from her husband, father or brother when 'there rises a necessity' to express views or opinions in public. Her intelligence, her natural exuberance and expressive abilities are often kept in check.

She is rarely given an opportunity to speak her heart out.


Since ages, women are supposed to sacrifice their career, their talents, their expressions for the benefit of the male members of their respective families.


Though this situation is improving and we have more and more women coming forth as professionals,orators, authors or performers, we still have a long way to go. Though our constitution gives equal right to speech and expression for all the citizens of India, women in our country are still struggling to find their voice.


This is precisely what we intend to do in our Pink Mic program: Give Voice to the Women of the Day!


  • The Pink Mic is a project intended to provide a platform for the Voice of Ordinary Women and give them the freedom of expression.

  • This will bring the women out of their closet and will give them a chance to express their feelings on various social, economic, political or personal issues.

  • They will have the liberty to choose their way of expression in form of poetry, music, skits and open discussions related to the relevant topics.

  • There can be interactive sessions in form of talk shows with women achievers from different fields to inspire and encourage ordinary women to be achievers themselves.

  • These events will aim to fulfil the goal of raising the voice of women and boost their self confidence. It will thus be a collaborative endeavour towards bringing a positive change in the society wherein there exists a perfect equilibrium between the respective opinions of both males and females vis-a`-vis the freedom of expression


  • Pinkishe Pink Mic central leadership is identifying and training local leaders

  • Pink Mic has already been launched at a few locations and will gradually be rolled out across all the branches of Pinkishe

  • The duration of a typical Pink Mic session is 2-3 hours and would be held every fortnight across all the Pinkishe branches, gradually

  • The Pink Mic program will be executed in association with a local café or restaurant that will be the venue partner for this program.

  • Stage is set on the said date with appropriate Audio Visual Recording

  • Poetry, book-reading, story-telling, feminist talks, musical performances,laughter etc are covered.

  • AV recording is done and content released on Pinkishe You Tube channel and other social media pages.