Rightly did Swami Vivekanand say, 'Just as a bird can not fly with one wing only, a Nation can not march forward if

the women are left behind'.

The Indian constitution guarantees equality for women. We indeed have been awakened to the revolutionary world where women have been hoisting the flag of their gifts and intellectual endowments in almost all walks of life. Evidences are everywhere be it the parliament, the judiciary, the public sector, the corporate sector or the streets our masses tread upon! Their muffled voices from times immemorial have now become strong voices not to be turned a deaf ear to!

To swallow however the bitter pill, we must admit that the magic wand of this revolution hasn’t still touched a big chunk of

women’s world dwelling in the rural pockets of our country. Still in the tyrannous grip of penury, orthodox and illiteracy, they are groping in the darkness of ignorance. A regrettable paradox indeed. The hon'ble Supreme Court of India has been dealing with the issues related to women as of paramount consideration be it about the violence practiced against her, issues related to marriage,her service in public employment or to put in a nutshell- her overall status in the society. Let’s be open and above board to admit however that justice is often delayed and in many cases, even denied. Due to economic dependence or lack

of social support, our women, many a time, succumb to the pressure and compromise into a hopeless future. Paakhi wants

to be the support for all such women!


Under this program, we are creating a large network of Volunteer Female Lawyers across all our branches in India. Already more than 100 female lawyers have joined hands with Pinkishe.

Pinkishe has a helpline number (85 888 70 999) which any woman can call and seek free legal aid. Paakhi Lawyers also provide emergency support wherever possible. We conduct free legal camps across our branches as well as in corporates and other campuses where requested.

Paakhi team is networking with various law implementing agencies and various other institutions to seek their active support

during emergencies faced by any woman.

Long term vision of Paakhi is to connect thousands of voluntary lawyers to the common platform and create a huge

strength that will also serve as a deterrence leading eventualy to a societal change towards women.


  •  Raise awareness level amongst Indian women about their legal rights

  •  Create a network of volunteer Female Lawyers across all the branches of Pinkishe who shall provide free  legal counselling to women who need it

  • Liaison with law implementation agencies to provide active support during emergencies faced by women