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NAARI 2019 is an attempt to create a mega stage for the women through an event which marks the commencement of their Annual Rhapsody. It can be seen as a 'Kumbh' dedicated to women where they connect, engage, support and draw their energies from each other. On the first of a kind stage of NAARI, women break the barrier of socio-economic brackets and break open to experience sisterhood in the real sense of the word. Commoners, distinguished, literati, business icons, aspirational women & celebrities all get together to spread empowering smiles and energies.

Through NAARI 2019, Pinkishe Foundation also aims to raise funds for its program PADBANK. The money that is raised will be directed towards creating awareness on Menstrual Hygiene and distributing free sanitary pads to girls in slums and rural areas. 


NAARI 2019 is about the strength and dignity of each and every girl and women! 









Gandharva Dhol Tasha Pathak

A contingent of 35 Girls and boys of the famous Gandharva Dhol Tasha Pathak group, Vadodara will announce the power of women while reverberating the arena with their powerful spectacle.

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Pandit Bipin Kr. Mishra

The master of traditional Shloka Gayan will call upon the goddess. Experience the divine connection by combination of sound, breath and rhythm, that will channelize the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit.

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Dr. Praveen Shukla

Dr. Praven shukla is the most acclaimed name among the poet of  verbal tradition. He is famous for his versatility and magnificent performance. He has received applause across the world. 

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Dr. Kirti Kale

Dr. Kirti Kale is the one of the most prolific poetess. She has been performing on the world stage for over 22 years now. She has received many awards including Mahiyasi Mahadevi Samman.


Vineet Chauhan

‘Vineet Chauhan is a synonym of fire and aggression. He speaks in favour of nation. Vineet’s performance is a motivation for those who think that our society is going to be spoiled. He is much awarded Poet.


Dr. Harish Arora

Dr. Harish Arora works as a senior assistant professor with PGDAV college, University of Delhi. He is known to be a great soul & a down to earth poet who believes in contribution to the society.


Maya Khandelwal

Maya Khandelwal is a poet and author par excellence. After 'A Beautiful Mistake' and 'Just Zindagi', her latest book 'Fireflies' is a teenopedia and complete guide to parenting in the present day scenario. 


Kalarathi Dance Troupe

Kalarathi dance troupe is a nationally acclaimed dance group with a reputation of staging astonishing and moving performances on social subjects. They will dwell on the subject of menstruation this time.


ShowSha Baaz Caravan VOW

Directed by Karan Arora the famous Kid's Theatre Director, Jazz Connoisseur & Producer, Writer & Director, little children will stage a thought-provoking performance that should challenge thoughts and norms.


Shovana Narayan

One of India’s most celebrated and outstanding Kathak Maestro of the present age; well-known both as a choreographer and performer, Padam Shri Shovana Narayan ji is the disciple of none other than Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji.


Meri Zindagi - Female Band

Adored & first all female band with the mission "save the girl child". They raise social issues with their music. They love to use kitchen products in their band like Chimta, imamjasta, spoons and many others.