Naari is a platform to Celebrate the blessing called - Life.

Pinkishe women. from time to time, organise various kind of events, exhibitions, carnivals, 'melas'. These events help achieve many objectives simultaneously. Some women develop their organising skills; some others can showcase their art and craft; some can sell products and services.

These events are conducted across our branches on festive occasions like Teej, Diwali, Eid, Christmas etc. They become the ideal
platforms for celebrating these festivals,
promote art and culture, support underprivileged girls, recognising and rewarding
exemplary women, raise some funds
for our social programs and to spread happiness.

We organise Naari at various scales. From small events in a society club to as large as one in Ramleela Maidan, Pinkishe executes these events in style and with lots of zeal.