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Pinkishe Movement is a dream, an ever growing dream, which first rippled in the eyes of a 16 years old school girl, Khyati Gupta, when her teenage eyes noticed something which smote her tiny heart. One day, this chit of a girl was appalled when she saw blood stains on her maid's daughter's dress. On enquiring, to her utter shock, she discovered that they cannot afford pads, hence they recycle discarded pieces of unhygienic cloth every month.


Heart broken, Khyati undertook a research on the subject on the internet and the study showed that majority of females in rural India lack the awareness of menstrual hygiene and some even have no option but to resort to using material like cow dung, leaves, sand etc. That was horrifying. This gave birth to Pinkishe Foundation.

The dream that rippled in the eyes of a tiny girl, gradually started getting a firm footing, and slowly, with the robust support of many committed people, the contours of a solid movement became visible. Women kept joining hands and today Pinkishe is a community of over 1.5 Lakh women. It is run by common women who operate from their homes and do voluntary service.


Women in this foundation are common women who have pledged to make a difference in lives of fellow women and girls. They operate from their homes and contribute their services voluntarily. There is not even a single person in Pinkishe who draws and salary or compensation in any other form.


The foundation aims at supporting women in living life with strength and dignity. The organisation is a self sustained one.  So far there has been no corporate or Government  funding.

We, at Pinkishe Foundation are hopeful of converting our dream of building a better world for females into reality.


All this because a small girl dared to dream big.



Pinkishe Foundation is an ‘All-women’ Non-profit organisation headquartered in Delhi-NCR.


Pinkishe has witnessed a growth from just 2 persons to an all-women community of 200,000+ women and 50+ branches across the length and breadth of India in just 18 months. Pinkishe is one of the fastest growing women organisation in the country. 


We are a section 80G and 12A certified "Registered Trust" focused on the development, well-being, pride and happiness of the Indian Women and Girl Child. Pinkishe is an ever-growing sorority with scores of common women joining hands every day. The women here come from all walks of life cutting across all socio-economic strata, religions, beliefs and feel confident by choosing to become a proud member of Pinkishe.


We are running multiple programs for the benefit of girls and women, flagship of them being PadBank, under which we work on spreading Menstrual Hygiene awareness and distributing free reusable sanitary pads to slums and rural areas.


Shalini Gupta

National Secretary General


Some more, some less! Some faster, some slower!

The positive change in the status of women

is visible. They already stand on the threshold of self-assertion demanding rightfully the parity that has eluded their grasp for long enough.

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