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Pinkishe is a section 80G and 12A registered Non-Government Organisation focused on the development, well-being, pride and happiness of the Girl Child & Women. We are an ever-growing sorority with scores of women joining hands every day. The women here come from all walks of life cutting across all socio-economic strata, religions, beliefs and feel confident by choosing to become a proud member of Pinkishe.

The prime agenda of Pinkishe is to make women stronger in all aspects of life that relate to them. Pinkishe strives to:


  • support them become economically independent,

  • make them aware of women rights,

  • make the society more responsible towards women-related causes,

  • provide them platforms where they can showcase their creativity and talent,

  • help them get guidance and counselling over issues,

  • motivate as well as support them do things that will make them stand taller with Pride & Dignity!

Pinkishe Foundation is one of the fastest growing ALL-WOMEN NGO of India. The mission of the organisation is to empower women and girls so that they live life with strength and dignity. Pinkishe through its various dedicated programs strives to achieve overall development, well-being, happiness and success of all women and girls.

Starting with just 2, the number of women joining hands has crossed 200,000 in just 18 months. Pinkishe now has around 50 branches across India and is headquartered in Delhi-NCR.

Pinkishe is a 100% women organisation of common women who have come together and are building this organisation without any government or corporate funding so far.

Pinkishe has been successfully running various programs. Its flagship program is PadBank. Padbank came into being after a school girl Khyati conceptualised spreading overall menstrual hygiene among females irrespective of their socio-economic strata. Padbank aims to reach every possible village and slum of our nation. Village by village, Pinkishe aspires to bring about this massive change in the way menstrual hygiene is seen and carried out. Pinkishe has begun manufacturing of environment friendly reusable sanitary napkins on a small scale and distributes them free to underprivileged women and girls. Pinkishe aims to impart skills and create small entrepreneurship opportunities for women also under the banner of this program.

In past 12 months, Pinkishe has conducted close to 300 social drives and has touched the lives of around 40000 females. Lutfullapur Village in Macchra Block of Meerut UP was the first village to be 100% compliant from a Menstrual Sanitation perspective. Pinkishe is currently surveying many other villages and looks forward to raising fund and support to impart menstrual hygiene education and distribute free reusable pads to the girls and women there.




Some more, some less! Some faster, some slower!

The positive change in the status of women is visible. They already stand on the threshold of self-assertion demanding rightfully the parity that has eluded their grasp for long enough. This change in the mental status of women i.e. from one of self-denial to the one of self assertion, seems to be written large and clear in their eyes!

Let’s not however take this journey to be completed. This is just the beginning for if you wipe the glass a bit more, scratch it gently up to a little beneath what meets the eye, you will realize how mistaken you might have been!


While the strides of the feminine feet are faster and longer than before, the distance to cover is too long. The society is still very much patriarchal! Discrimination and crime against women is far from over. We are clearly till the second gender.


Women have a choice as has always existed. We can continue to wait for a savior; we can continue to nurture the feeling of helplessness; we can continue to exercise the option of looking at the other way and shed tears in the dark; or, in the new world, we can exercise the easier option of splashing our anger on the social media.


Have we not done that enough? Shouldn’t we try a few things ourselves? What if we all connect together? What if we all start supporting each other? What if we what if we start working together for mutual happiness and enrichment? This might sound Utopian to many I am sure, but is there any other way?


Pinkishe is just that endeavor! In just 15 months, hundred and eighty five thousand women have joined hands. Pink Circles have started in over 50 cities across the length and breadth of the nation. Some have risen to the forefront and have already taken the mantle in their hands, while others are still watching. Natural! But a powerful positive journey has started!


Shalini Gupta

National Secretary General